You should take one serving, which is two gummies per day.

All of our products are manufactured in an allergen free room and contain no yeast, wheat, milk, eggs, soy, gluten, salt, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, artificial colors, artificial flavors, salicylates, or preservatives.

We are proud to say that all our products are made here in the USA and follow FDA guidelines.

All our vitamins are made of 100% natural colors and flavors.

Yes, all our products are lead free. We operate under the guidelines of California’s Proposition 65, which places strict standards of lead, even natural occurring lead.

Overconsumption would not lead to any serious problems. However if you are worried, contact your health professional.

We recommend you place the bottles in a cooler area or in an area of room temperature. Try and avoid storing bottles near window still, storage rooms or areas affected by outdoor weather.